Friday, April 23, 2010

When It All Started

November 8th 2008, that’s the date that my life changed. That’s the date that I became a certified geek and joined the ranks of millions. That’s the day I started playing World of Warcraft.

After posting the last article I began thinking back about how long I’ve been playing and, frankly, how quickly the time has past. I’ve grown from a struggling newbling to a struggling older player that’s short 15 bucks a month for the past year and a half ($270). I find it interesting how things have changed for me. How complex this game can be and how, after a basic understanding of certain vernacular, simplistic the game can become.

I remember the first night I played. My buddy was a long time player and had MANY characters on MANY realms. Before we left work on that faithful fall day he told me to give him a call once I start my character and he would come and help me get acquainted.

This is the unedited email chain from the day after that conversation.

Alts (friend)-

“I was waiting all night to give you a hand - I crafted a bunch of stuff for you to make life easier. What level are you now?’

Nebz (me)-

“I didn't realize that I couldn't just 'txt' you in game, this frigin' game is huge! I'm currently a level 9 Warlock, and I've chosen to learn first aid, I'm an apprentice tailor and alchemist. I finally turned it off last night because I got lost in a place called the 'Undercity'. The last thing I did was train in one-handed sword fighting, cuz my guys a puss! I got attacked by a BIG ASS bear that killed me in one swipe!
I couldn't find my last three quests and I got lost so I finally went to bed. Some Elf was following me around last night throwing spells at me to strengthen my attacks, it was a very strange night.
Can I add one of your guys to my list?
Are you going to be on tonight?
Oh, and I finally found an Auction but apparently 'Trial' accounts can't use it.


“You crack me up.

If you want to be an alchemist you need to take up herbalism (herbalism allows you to pick herbs which you need for the alchemy profession) which would require you to drop tailoring. You can only have 2 main professions. You can however take up cooking and fishing. You will have to buy some wood a flint and tinder, a fishing rod and lures to be able to do those things.

PS: you are addicted - welcome to the club.”

Holy crap!

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