Friday, August 24, 2012

The Toast

A lot has happened over the last couple months. You would have read my last post about the mid-life crisis. Now I am writing to you about The Toast. There's a photo of him included. We got a new puppy. The photo of him is at about 9 weeks. Now he is about 14 weeks old and growing into his ears and feet quite nicely.

He is a pure bred German Shepherd named - Toast with raspberry jam Kallie VonBaron Goodheart. "Toast" for short (I throw the "with raspberry jam" in there just to bug my daughter).

We used to have Bear a wonderful Golden Retriever that we had for 14 years. Everyday I think our whole family misses him greatly. When he died we decided to take some time before deciding to get a new dog. A year later it felt right and we began to talk about it. We talked about another Golden - then decided it wouldn't be right. We would always be comparing him to Bear. Then we thought that maybe a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, but found the photos of them on the Internet also had too much "Bear" in them. So it was decided that a pure bred German Shepherd was the way to go.

We brought him home on July 11, 2012. We don't compare him to Bear, although the odd "Bear" slips out sometimes. I attribute that faux pas to becoming senile like my mom. We compare him to TRIPLETS. Wholly crap - a puppy is work. We couldn't think back far enough to remember if Bear was like this. He is getting a lot better though. We have been working with him and he had his first puppy training class last week. His next one is tomorrow. He is a smart cookie - err Toast.

A couple of times however he did a few things that Bear would do. I had the chill down my spine. I think he (Bear) is in there looking out for us. Things will be fine. If Bear is in there for the second time around, he learned a few things in dog heaven. He can now play fetch.

Well, I am crying now. Bear I love and miss you, Toast, I can't wait to see how you have grown when I get home. Wife - Chicago is scary shopping. All the stores - Tiffany's, Bloomingdales, The Disney Store, Gucci - my itinerary item of "get something for wife" is looking expensive. Girl - You and the boy better not be getting in trouble, The Plug - go have a shower and register for school.

WOW Stuff

On hiatus.


The Mid-Life

Yes, I know I am always apologizing. I guess it would be difficult for me to be a writer. Or least it would be difficult for me to be a writer that has to have a weekly column in order to get a paycheque. I am a bit inconsistent. Then again writing could be my full-time job. I would be a bit thinner and, "oh yeah", I would have that writers block and it would be over.

So the day job it is and the inconsistency that comes with it.

I am in Chicago this weekend, I will get to that story later, but first I have to get you caught up on the last couple months. I might have about 3 posts this weekend (intoxication permitting). If writing was feast or famine - this would be a feasting month.

I had permission to have my mid-life crisis in July. Yeah I bought the Jeep pictured above.  35" tires - like gliding along on 4 water balloons. It's a lot of fun. How did it come to pass? Well, I'll tell you. Several years ago I mentioned to my wife that for my 50th birthday I wanted to get a Jeep. I always wanted one and I wanted to make it happen as a birthday present to myself. It was agreed.

However; in July (the 2nd) to be exact, I received a phone call at about 3:30am.

Alt37's bedroom, wife blissfully snoring away


Alt37: Hello (groggy)

Unidentified person: Dad (person now identified - to be referred to from now on as "The Plug")

Alt37: What's up (still very groggy)

The Plug: You know on the highway, the turn, the Aveo, the...

Alt37: (still groggy but starting to get near the edge of the fog) Not quite sure what you are talking about. (cut off by The Plug)


Alt37: Are you ok? Was anyone with you?  blah, blah, blah

The Plug: I am fine, no one was hurt.

Alt 37: We will talk in the morning.

The Plug: Can you come and get us.

Alt37: No (disconnect phone)

I actually totally enjoyed my film class that I took earlier this year. Writing a story as a screenplay is fun. I really should film that donut shop short.

Anyway back to the story. My son found his way home and sat on the floor in the dining room awaiting his scolding and subsequent beating. I ended up coming out there to take care of the cats and almost tripped over him (I didn't expect a kid to be sitting in the middle of the floor - yes I was pretty much walking around with my eyes closed).

I told him to go to bed and I would give him shit later.

Enough of that - a day or so later I got word that my car was a write off. I looked at my wife and she told me that I could start my mid-life crisis about a year and a half early.

I got my Jeep - however; every Sunday I have to take her for a drive in it with the top off. I guess it is a small price to pay.

The Plug - well  he has no car to drive. Charges pending. Life's lessons learned. He will be OK.

WOW Stuff

Taking time off from the game. I was in the Mists of Panderia beta and it drove me nuts. I realized that I was leveling characters that would disappear when the game came out. I thought, "what a waste of time". Yes that was a Sheldon Cooper oxymoron moment. Watch the Big Bang Theory - WOW account getting hacked episode - you will understand.

Instead I have been playing World of Tanks. My son recommended it and it is absolutely awesome. Free to play. I am sure I will get the new WOW expansion in September, but for now this is a lot of fun.


I think I am done this installment. I have one more before I begin the current - Chicago Trip installment.

Have a great day!