Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is Wrong With Some Players?

This is my first article, never blogged before and do not have the journalism degree like my other blogging cohort. How do I do this? First person, third person, how many words? Can’t make it too long or people won’t read the whole thing. So there will be growing pains. So bear with me. Here we go…

From my pen name I have a few alts (sic) and when a new WOW holiday event comes around I select one of my toons and try to get him/her the title. Well I was playing one of them the other night, trying to get the Noblegarden achievements completed before I went away for the weekend. She is a level 29 Tauren druid and I had the “Desert Rose” achievement to complete.

For the “Desert Rose” I got all the zones completed except Tanaris and Silithus and I was starting to think how I was going to pull it off without getting killed numerous times. On this particular realm all my RL friends are sporting alliance 80’s so I asked one of them to switch over and escort me to Silithus. He switched up and eventually arrived in Tanaris.

This is where this article really begins. As I was discussing the plan with him through vent a horde hunter came over and flagged PvP. He began jumping up and down around us and shooting off his volley. I told him that my Alliance escort was not interested in a fight because we wanted to get this done.

Well this hunter followed us and then would try to get in the way of my buddies targeting when I went and aggro’d things, and boy did I aggro stuff. I may not have been politically correct when I asked him if he was “retarded”. No response. A little farther into our journey I ask him what his problem was and he finally responded with something similar to this (since my daughter plays I have the language control on), “This is what you get when you have a &*^DFT^% H&*IFHISH &*$HJ S real life friend that decides to roll a J*S&KFH&&*$# SK alliance. I will eventually HF&@jd kill him.” To this I responded with, “Are you 12?” and immediately put him on ignore.

He went away and our journey through Un’goro Crater was mostly uneventful. However; upon arriving at Marshal’s Refuge, I get a whisper form a level 1 toon. It was the hunter. Went something like this, “You AH@&H HS*$H A$$, you are no better than your HS&$H HSH*@ Alliance friend.” I responded,” So you are retarded, 12 and obsessive compulsive” and put that toon on ignore.

We finished the journey to Silithus and I got my quest “Desert Rose” completed.

So my question, “What is wrong with some players?” I was going to ask the question, “What is wrong with some of the players on [insert realm name here]?” but realized these people are probably on all realms. Please, through your comments enlighten me. I would love to hear from some psychologists; maybe they can shed some light on why some people turn into idiots when they start playing WOW.

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