Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

I've noticed a trend in the weeks that this blog has been running. My posts have gotten much more "rantty" than I'd like them to be. When I started writing the posts for this blog it was not my intention to rant about everything that happens to me, but here we are. So I promise to slow down on my rants and to rein in my nerd rage a little more. Well… I promise to TRY and rein in my rage… well… I promise to rein it in after this post.
I'm not sure if you've noticed in the news today, there was a small article written from Santa Clara County. It turns out that a panel of Soccer Moms and Larry Lawbringers sat down and decided that, in Santa Clara County, it would be illegal for fast food restaurants to give away toys in their "kiddie meals". This panel of Jackholes has, in their infinite wisdom, linked the epidemic of child obesity to the "reward" of getting a toy for eating unhealthy foods. It is their hopes that by removing the "reward" children will be free to make healthier choices. One of the twits on the panel (Ken Yeager) was even quoted with saying "Why would a kid say 'I want a burger with fries'? It's the toys that they want."
Are you freaking joking? First off if you want you child to make a healthier choice when it comes to eating, DON'T TAKE THEM TO MCDOANLDS! Simple, and no one has to pass a law for me to make that decision. Second, the reason kids say "I want a burger with fries" Mr. Yeager is because the only other choice is a Fish Crapwich!
I buy my children their food, not the other way around. Sometimes we "dine" at a fast food restaurant, and when we do, my kids eat whatever they damn well want. You know why? Because I live in Canada and it's my GOD GIVEN RIGHT to decide what my children eat. But here's the twist, I don't eat crap food all the time! What? That's right, see my family has what is known as restraint. It's a relatively new concept for some (especially Americans) but I think it will catch on. On the nights that we are not eating greasy garbage from a trash bin we are eating… HEALTHY FOOD, home made, HEALTHY FOOD. Yup, strange as it may be, my family does not eat out every night. Oh… and for an added bonus my kids also EXERCISE… Gasp! I know, weird right?
So apparently, in Santa Clara County, the ratio of Cupcake Lovin' Fatties to "Healty Kids" is so grossly uneven the County has decided to take away the fat kid bait from the kid-centric meals. Instead of education the county has decided to eliminate options. Hmm, interesting.
Hey shut up, this does relate back to WOW. It comes down to parents being parents and not their kids best friend. Just like the chunky chuckles from Santa Clara, we need to step in and understand what our kids are doing online and in real life. The computer is not a baby sitter, nor is the television. I will tell you now that yes, my oldest child plays online games, but he plays them with me in the room. His time is limited and I monitor who he chats with… I guess I'm not a cool Dad, I can live with that. I don't need some one else to dictate what my child can and can not do. I use my parenting skills and make that decision all by myself (and my wife).
Unfortunately, this is not the trend that the world seems to be on right now. It seems to be easier for the world just to sit back and let the government be the parent.
"I would love to let you eat that hamburger Junior, but the man in the suit says I can't. Please don't hate me, hate him!
Here, let me buy you a new car."
Give me a break. I implore all of you parents out there, STAND UP AND BE PARENTS! Lil' Timmy doesn't need another friend. Lil' Timmy needs you to be a Dad, so suck it up and be one!


  1. LOL - Nebz, I think you need to rein in your coffee consumption.

  2. Thank you for saying what needs to be said!!! This is exactly my point when I made the family make some changes in our eating habits!!!