Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Shaman Gets Wet

What the hell Blizzard?

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

So I went on the damn water totem quest and two hours later I was finally able to obtain my Water Pole. Now I won’t rant about the obscene amount of travelling you have to do in order to complete this quest of futility. I also won’t complain about the fact that once you finally have the damn Pole in your bag it’s primarily useless. I will, however, complain about the fact that by going on this quest it takes a player out of the overall questing rhythm.

By the time you hit level 20 a player feels like they are finally hitting a bit of a questing cadence. Go out CLUB THE HELL OUT OF something and return to get your XP. Your spell rotation is starting to take shape and things seem to be happening fairly quickly. Then Blizzard throws this giant brick wall in your face and flips you the middle finger.

    “Dear valued nerd. I understand that you’re trying to achieve greatness with your Shaman and kudos for sticking with it this long. But could you do us a favour and go wander around ALL OF AZEROTH for the next few hours. It would be most entertaining for us. Thanks.

    P.S. We’re going to send you into zones that are above your level just so you can have your ass handed to you by a nomadic bear.”

Give me a break. I understand that they are trying to make the totems a bit of an achievement for the player. They’re trying to make you feel like you’re accomplished something. But come on, why the hell does it have to take so damn long and waste so much of my damn time? Why can’t the quest be a challenging battle with a powerful mob? Or even better, how about a damn quest that you are accompanied by an NPC. During the quest the NPC puts you into situations that require you to use specific totems. It would be a sort “training” quest and would allow the lonely shaman the opportunity to better understand the mechanics behind different totems.

Well, regardless of how much time I spent on this quest, the quest is over. The Water Totem is in my bag and I am able to move on into my 20’s.

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