Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watch Out For That Spoon

I’m scared.

I am sure that we have all been following the upcoming class changes for Cataclysm. It all started with the changes to the Shaman class (Shammydavis is excited) and it finished with the Mage, or should I say, the updates were suspended with the Mage. Within all the updates there was one glaring exception, where’s the Paladin changes?

Now I know that Blizzard warned us ahead of time that the Paladin changes weren’t coming until the following Friday (April 16th). But with all these changes, some good and some bad, we are left to wonder just how bad are these changes to the Paladin class that Blizzard has decided to wait an entire week before announcing them?

Any educated person knows that Blizzard is not taking the extra time to finalize the upcoming Paladin changes. These changes have been designed and finalized awhile ago. Blizzard has something different in mind. Blizzard is waiting for most of the crying (QQ) over the other class changes to calm down before dropping the Paladin Bomb on us. Good or bad, nerfed or buffed the Paladin changes are coming and apparently they need their own dedicated day to unveil them.

Personally I hope that the reason they are waiting is because they have no changes to the class to announce and they just wanted to give the Paladin class their own day. How great would it be if Blizzard published an article that said,

“Keep on truckin’ Pallies. We think you’re special just the way you are.”

Let’s just give the Paladin some kick ass level 81-83-85 talents and be done with it. But a betting man would place money on the fact that the Paladin is going to change drastically. So now all we can do is wait. At least we don’t have to wait until Friday anymore, Blizzard has pushed the date up to Wednesday (April 14th). Good or bad the changes are coming at us like an angry Mom with a wooden spoon in her hand. So when the changes come and Blizzard swings that wooden spoon at your head just duck and try to push all the agro to your brother. After all he plays a Gnome Warlock, he deserves a spoon to the head!

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