Monday, April 26, 2010

A Shaman Grows Up

Dear Blizzard,

I know we've had our arguments over the past few weeks. Stones were thrown and words were said that can't be taken back, I know that. Do you remember that time when I said "screw you", yeah, water under the bridge. I love you and you should know that. I thought that I should take this moment just to let you know that I think you're doing a great job. Gosh darn it, I ain't quitin' you.

Your always,

I've pushed through that last totem quest and all I can see are blue skies and rainbows ahead for me. Shammy Davis is rockin' his way to 30 and is not looking back. The road to this point has been a sordid one to say the least. But once Shammy hit 20 everything started to "click". I was running quests, collecting XP and moving on with my life. Levels 20-30 moved very quickly for me, only a few hours in fact. Furthermore, just when I thought I was going to hit a brick wall in the form of yet another totem quest, Blizzard made it supper easy. Walk over there, talk to that guy and get your shinny new totem.
Now, granted, my spell rotation hasn't really changed much. It's still a matter of casting bolts, shocks and then clubbing the crap out of something (no need to capitalize that anymore).

Everything is rainbows and puppy dogs!

I mean yeah, it's a little annoying that my attack rotation hasn't changed for over 30 gosh darn levels. I bet that Blizzard's just trying to make the new Shaman inside of me a really great warrior. It's not like they forgot about the Enhancement Shaman, right? I remember on my Mage by the time I was 30 I had some great crowd control spells and mobs died before they reached me. With my darn Shaman I need things to hit me, otherwise that freaking water shield won't return any darn mana. So as a melee class it's kind of inconvenient when the that piece of crap mob that you just pulled dies 20 feet before he reaches you and renders your damn shield impotent. But that's just what happens now, doesn't it Blizzard? Admit it you cowards, you really didn't think anyone would play this class, or more specific, this spec. Well guess what… I'm your huckleberry. I've stuck with this stupid class for 30 levels, been on pointless quests for stupid totems that I never use.

You know what? Up yours!

Where's my Shaman love? For god sakes, I finally reach a level where all that wandering around Azeroth would finally be a little less painful. With all the flight paths I have now I could actually complete a totem quest in under two damn hours, and what do you do Blizzard? You jackholes give me quest that takes me two f'n minutes! WTF?

That's it, I'm out! You can take this game and cram it with walnuts! I'm fed up and I've had enough.

Now if you'll excuse me there seems a couple of men at my door and it looks like there's some sort of sparkly horse behind them… oooh, shinny.

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