Saturday, May 29, 2010

You're Kidding Me - Right?

I have been playing this game for quite a while. My first toon was a rogue and I was looking in her bank the other day and I still have items in there from years ago. I have made many more toons since then and with respect to me thinking I have Alzheimer's etc. I rely on websites to assist me at a glance as to what I need to focus on for a specific toon.

Ever since I found the site, I have been a fan of the Be Imba! character auditor. As mentioned, having so many toons I rely on this site to provide me a way of knowing what piece I need to upgrade, what enchant I am missing an upgrade for and to know if I should even bother /Waving at a toon at the Dalaran fountain for the subsequent gear check when my Gear-o-Meter says there is no way on earth I should be going there.

I was pretty comfortable with the site. Then Nebz goes and gives me the URL for the Elitist Amory site. What a jerk. I go to that site and enter my various toon names. OK, not bad, this toon is pretty good, this one needs work and I know where I need to focus. Then I enter my Warlock jewelcrafter's name. Ugh!

Items Passed - 88%

(Ok I understand, I have a few PvP pieces purchased with honor in order to satiate my GearScore to the clowns at the Dalaran fountain)

Enchants Passed - 100%


Gems Passed - 88%

WHAT! I am a jewelcrafter, how could this be? I am anal when it comes to my gems and enchants. What am I doing wrong? I get on all the theorycrafter sites. Read up on all the warlock information I could get. OK, more Runed Cardinal Rubies. Hit capped, need haste? Maybe some Quick King's Ambers?

I make some changes to my gems and refresh the Elitist Armory site - Gems Passed 89%. WHAT!!! One stinking percent! 600G spent on the uncut gems I didn't have in stock. WTF. Nebz did I mention I hate you.

I realized at that time, I have no idea what I am doing. I even chuckled when I actually read the Elitist Armory site notes saying, "Next up, gem and enchant suggestions". Ugh! I give up. Trying to figure out how to upgrade this toon is like fixing that truck in the photo using a board as a jack. I think, I need a drink. I will come back to this when they upgrade their site with the gem and enchant suggests.

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