Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Night To Remember

Dear Penthouse

You are not going to believe this. Last Wednesday my wife suggested we go out for a drive to see if we can pick something up. My senses peaked, was she letting the Liger out of his cage? We cruised the town we live in, searching for that one, that we thought would satisfy. There she was, brown hair, nice curves, with Northern European features. We pulled over, we watched for a while to see if maybe it was a sting operation. We couldn't pick anything out of the ordinary that would suggest there were police around. We pull up, my wife asks, "How much?" Our beauty replies, "$375." Wow, I think, my boss says his usually only costs 25 bucks.

I look at my wife - wondering if there is a way out. She smiles coyly at me - nope not this time. My wife asks her to get in. I ask her name. "My name is Sklar Peppler." she replies.

I am rocked by the small explosion in my lower back, the sound of my son asking me if I am ok. "I think I am dying", I cry out. A few more steps and we will have our new (used) dining room set in the truck. All five trillion pounds of Sklar Peppler classiness. Now all I am thinking about is what is going to happen when we get it home. We have to unload this.

After an hour of lugging Miss Peppler around town and a Harvey's hamburger (I am glad he didn't show up in my fantasy with his Angus hanging out.), we got the set in our house and set up.

It is now Sunday and I still am being rocked by excruciating back pain. Even the Robaxacets and liquor are not touching the pain. Thank goodness I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow.

Reminds me of the time, me and the wife spent the evening with the trapeeze, but that is another story.

WOW Stuff

Playing WOW this week saw me try and complete the Vashj'ir quests for all of my alts. It looks like nine down and 5 to go. I also spent the time getting each of my lower level alts a couple more levels each. What is it with the Guild Experience? Our guild has an active member base of like 5, number of members of like 8. Two of us have been pounding the Azerothian pavement the last week pretty hard and we are still a bubble from Level 2. Yes, I said it, level 2 guild status. The bar doesn't seem to want to move.

What are we doing wrong? We are running our alts that belong to the guild doing dailies, completing quests, but the blue line doesn't seem to want to move. The guild my main is in is like level 10 - I guess the power of 250 members has something to do with it. Blizzard really screwed over the small community guilds this time.

Oh well, I guess we will keep plugging away.

Have a good week, I hope my back pops back in tomorrow at the chiropractors.

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