Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apps = Applications

I had several opening lines for this article. Your mind tends to wander when you have a 6 hour drive ahead of you. Yes, I was on the road, heading towards beautiful, balmy Sudbury, Ontario. If you have ever travelled that direction from Southern Ontario the drive is pretty barren once you pass Barrie. That is when I started to think of my next article.

Then the tummy rumbled, the mental panic. I need a washroom and the side of the road was not an option. Not at -10C that's for sure. Then it dawned on me. The company I work for gave me an iPhone a while back. The first app I put on it was the WOW Armory app. Then the Tim Hortons and Starbucks Finder, the mandatory "what drinks can I make from the contents of my liquor cabinet?" app and as soon as my daughter got a hold of it - the dozen or so games. I even put a couple of work related apps on the phone as well. Later on I diversified and added a restaurant finder (Open Table) some recipe apps, some music and a couple of movies (in case my daughter needed something to do if we were on a road trip).

I was in need of a washroom, but where? I am in the middle of no where. The iPhone! I open the TimmyMe app and prayed that there was a Tim Hortons close. 19KM, I can make it, and that I did. The APP WAS A LIFE SAVER (or at least a pant saver - sort of like the winter car mats but better).

As I headed further north I was thinking, by the time I get to Sudbury the town may be closed up. I was not looking forward to eating dinner out of the hotel vending machine. I figured - another app! I will use Open Table to find a restaurant. I start the app, and look for Sudbury. Hmm - not in the list. I try searching "Near Current Location" - 30 seconds later I got the error, "You are not in a civilized area - try again". Thats awesome. (to be honest once I got into Sudbury proper, one restaurant did pop up, however; I really didn't feel like kangeroo burgers and sea bugs. Really, their specialty was kangeroo burgers, in Sudbury, I think I'll pass.)

Now you may be wondering - why the photo of the ABS. It was an attempt to get more female readership (not that I can actually track the gender of my readers). If you remember my New Years Resolution blog, I mentioned I was going to try and get into shape. I think this is what I am going to work towards. Right now I can only use the word AB (I can't pluralize it). Think of Homer Simpson in a bathing suit.

Oh, I ended up eating at Swiss Chalet, looking around at the clientele, I felt young and fit. Maybe I don't need to get into shape, I may already be there.

WOW Stuff

Mods = Modifications

Mods are 3rd party additions to a game that makes the experience better. I used to use a ton of mods. At one time I had to call the Blizzard technical support line and they suggested that I back up my interface folder before proceeding. The back up took 20 minutes. The technician suggested that, that could be part of the problem. I significantly reduced the number of mods I use. Other than recount, omen and deadly boss mods, the mods I tend to utilize are designed to make my professions easier to do. Check out WowInsider and read their mod articles.

Well, need to go put on my snowsuit pyjamas (I am in Sudbury remember) and get to bed. TGIF

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