Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

So here we are, into the 6th day of January and I have so far resisted to the urge to write an article about New Year's Resolutions. Guess what? I think I have to go there. I don't want to go there, but I feel I must.

You see I was going to the bathroom the other day and when I looked down I couldn't see my penis. I knew it was there, I was hanging on to it. Making sure the stream of bodily waste products landed in the toilet and not all over the bathroom. I think it is of adequate size, it managed to produce a couple of good kids. A little iffy on the boy, but all in all, they are all right. So what could possibly be eclipsing my manliness?

My belly.

All I could think of was the line spoken by Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. "Get in my belly." I must have swallowed a small child I thought. No, it couldn't have happened. I am sure I would have remembered the struggle. Did I let my body go? I thought to myself, "When was the last time I exercised." "10 years ago - give or take a year or two."

Well its all going to change. I am going to get back in shape. Am I making a resolution? No, I won't go that far. Just in case I get side tracked by a bag of cookies. But I will try.

I will let you know how it goes.

BELL Phone Services

Remember a few blogs back I ranted about Bell Mobility? We ended up cancelling our home service and getting a different carrier. Well they sent us a "final bill" in November of $204, on which they had not processed a payment I had made. Unwittingly I paid the $204. In December they sent a revised "final bill" of a $110 credit (I had paid too much). Awesome, Christmas present money. We contacted Bell to ask them for a cheque. They said that it was my problem I paid too much and that I would have to talk to my bank and have them claw the money back through my web banking. I went to my bank and they said they would put in the request, they cautioned that Bell could still decline to allow the reversal.

It's January, Happy New Year, we get a revised, revised "final bill". We now only had a credit of $108. We had a "late fee" of $2.00 taken from our credit. I had to phone them, I couldn't pass this up. The phone call went something like this.

Bell - Hello how can we screw, err help you?

Alts37 - Well, we closed our account in November and we paid our "final bill" of $204 not knowing that you had not processed a previous payment, giving us a credit of $110. Your revised "final bill" reflects this. We asked for a cheque and you declined.

Bell - Hmmm, that doesn't sound like something we would do.

Alts37 - That is not why I called. I find it funny that you sent us a revised, revised "final bill" in January for a $108 credit and the missing $2 was attributed to a late fee. How is it a late fee when I didn't have to pay anything. You sent me a "final bill" in November and I paid it. End of story, I paid too much and a cheque should have been sent.

Bell - Let me look... ah here it is. We took the opportunity to look back over your account and found that in August, your bill was due on the 24th and you didn't pay until the 26th. At that time we did not assess a late fee on your September bill because you were a valued customer. But since then our relationship has changed, so we took the opportunity to recoup the fee.

Alts37 - Outstanding, and you wonder why people are leaving Bell in droves. Thank you for your time, should I expect a revised, revised, revised "final bill" in February for this invoice consultation?

I hang up.

I am hoping that my bank manages to get me my money at the same time Bell sends me a cheque. When I get the request from Bell to return the over payment. When that comes I will tell them it's a "late fee".

WOW Stuff

Working on professions, the gathering part is easy, the making part seems to be a little harder than what I remember in Lich King. At least the alchemy profession. I remember it being a lot easier to get maxed out.

Pray for me as I endeavour to loose some weight. If you are not a religous person - send potato chips. I like Old Dutch BBQ.

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