Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Balls Have Dropped

It's New Year's Day, many of you are suffering with a hangover, cottonmouth, and my favourite - who the hell are you? (when you woke up). At our house it was pretty quiet. Midnight came and went with zero fanfare.

It started off in the afternoon - asking my son to join us for dinner. Please shower and be ready for 3:30pm. He states, "I may have to go help my buddy set up for his party."

I restate, "Regardless have a shower and be ready for 3:30pm. It won't kill you to have dinner with us, we will drop you off at your buddies afterwards." We start early because my wife never makes it to midnight. Every year she usually makes it to about 10:00 and then goes to bed. So although we are EST, we usually celebrate as if we are residents of the Canary Islands.

We go to dinner at the Chinese diner in the plaza near our house. Absolutely yummy, it is such a hole in the wall but the food is superb, service is fast and it is cheap. If you live in the Niagara Region, post a comment and I will get you the address and phone number. Time in restaurant - 45 minutes (4:15 - 5:00)

We then watched a couple of new movies. My daughter and I picked up The Sorcerer's Apprentice and SALT earlier in the afternoon putting us at the 10ish pm time frame. Both movies were very good IMO. I was actually pleasantly surprised with The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Very enjoyable. At this point my wife excuses herself. She has to go to bed, she can't stay awake. My daughter and I decide we are going to finish watching The Pirates of the Carribbean trilogy (number 2 and 3 - we watched the first one a day or so earlier).

After the second one I go to check the time - 12:15am hmm... I come back to my daughter, administer hug, exchange Happy New Year's pleasantries and watch the last movie. Bed time comes at 3:10am.

Now - how should have the night went? Well back in the day when we were wild and crazy, we used to watch the Mr. Bean marathon and watch a ball drop, all the while swilling a champagne knock off. This doesn't work anymore, couldn't find a Mr. Bean marathon. This is what I want to propose. Major TV Networks are you listening? Here it goes.

I think a good marathon substitute could be a Steve Carrell Marathon. They can work it so The 40 Year Old Virgin takes us to midnight and we can then watch someone's balls drop. I think that would be appropriate. During the whole time they could run Viagra and Trojan commercials. We could still swill the appropriate alcoholic knock off. It would be awesome.

WOW Stuff

Well as usual, watching my daughter play WOW with an ear piercing play list of Katy Perry et al playing in the background. I will give her the boot in a bit and probably get another couple of Alts a few levels.

Well the balls have dropped, it's a new year, new RL, as well as WOW adventures await. Good Luck and have fun.

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