Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a Monday

It's a Monday. You are asking yourself, "What is he doing blogging on a Monday?" Normally, I would be in a fetal position, rocking back and forth at work, but today... I should jump right into it, I want to get done before my lunch is over.

My son is going back to college in a week or two and he hasn't even registered yet. So that is a bit stressful. My x-wife calls me about his birthday coming up and she wants to get him a car. Not a new car, a hand-me-down from her mom. However; I can hear the chi-ching of money leaving my pocket when it comes to re-working the insurance etc. She asks me what I think and I tell her that I would prefer if she assists our son by giving him whatever she was going to spend on the car, so he can make his college payment. Then there is only the stress of figuring out how to pay for the next installment. She agrees and she proceeds to contact our son to make the money transfer arrangements. Done.

I called my son to say that I got word that the money was transferred and that he needs to get up to the college this afternoon to pay. He informs me that his grandparents (my parents) are not at home. You see he doesn't have a car - Chicken and the Egg story can be inserted here. Anyway, I told him I would call my parents and make arrangements for them to take him to the college tomorrow.

This is where the blog really starts. I dialed my parents cell number. Ring, ring, (insert 20 rings here)... You see my parents are almost in their 80's and my dad wears hearing aids. So it is either he can't hear the phone or he is looking for a place to pull over. You see, we can't use a cell phone while driving or we get a ticket, and he hasn't figured out the whole newfangled blue tooth thing yet. Even though it wouldn't work because his ears are full of hearing aids. Oh wait, he's answering (here's the conversation).

Dad: Hello

Alts37: Hi Dad, where are you, what you doing?

Dad: I am at a funeral (realize the sound in the background is the 3rd verse of Rock of Ages)

Alts37: HOLY CRAP Dad, I will call you back.

I hang up.

OMG - it rang at least 30 times, my dad wears hearing aids, I am sure it sounded like a 747 taking off in that funeral chapel. I feel SOOOOOO bad.

What is it with people with cell phones. When I go to the movies I think I have my cell phone off before I even finish purchasing my tickets. There is a time and place when you don't answer a cell phone (nor have it on) and that is at a funeral. UGH - Some peoples parents.

Advertising Claims

OK, I ran out of antiperspirant over the weekend so I went out to get more. Before I get into my issue I have a question.

Normally, you place the antiperspirant on your under arms. Not being a hairy guy I usually place said antiperspirant on the haired area of my arm pit. If you are a hairy guy where do you draw the line in antiperspirant application? I digress

Anyway, I am at the store and I am weighing my antiperspirant options. I settle on the "Degree Adventure Series" for 2 reasons. It is the "white stick" - not the blue, green or clear gel that feels like glue and usually causes me to smell like rotting fish within a couple of hours. The second reason - the package was the coolest IMO.

I got my purchase home. I opened the cap (I like to be surprised when smelling it for the first time), and it smelt (is that a word - other than a small silvery fish that my dad likes to eat) - Adventury (I know that isn't a word).

So I put it on. Not bad, good feel, not tacky. I thrust my arm pit into my daughters face as she was mid instance (Utgarde Pinnacle I think) for her reaction. The desired effect.

Then it happened with no provocation. My arm pits started to leak. Like Niagara Falls I might add. What the hell. It's suppose to be antiperspirant. It got to the point where I had to change my shirt and underwear (my boxer's waistband was taking the brunt of the sweat soaking up duties).

What is it with this antiperspirant? It's like PvP gear on a PvE server - apparently it improves your GearScore number, but it doesn't do anything for you. Like "Resilience" although the term could be twisted around to mean that the antiperspirant would actually work, but it doesn't.

Well that is the Monday Special Edition. Have a nice day.

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