Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black Coffee

This morning I am having black coffee.

The reason, well let me give you some background information. My daughter has been away for 3 weeks at my in-laws up north. She gets to fish, swim and drive their boat around. Lucky kid. The way it works is my wife takes her up (I go sometimes depending on my work schedule) and stays for a long weekend (This is what she classifies as a holiday from her work - you see, she likes her work and likes to take time off missing as little work as possible. I don't get it either.). During the time my daughter is away we can actually keep the house tidy, amongst other things because we don't have our tween running around giving us the "talk to the hand" attitude. Any way, as time advances forward my wife starts to miss the daughter, sure we text her all the time - "stay away from the boys" etc. but it isn't enough, so this weekend being the weekend she was to come home my wife took an extra day off work to go get her (and stay for the 4 day weekend instead of 3).

Well when this is normally scheduled, and I am to stay home, I usually prepare what I would like to call, "meatapalooza". Where the weekend BBQ'ing is just meat or meat by-products (aka hotdogs). This week I saw it coming, so I am not trying to get sympathy that my wife abandoned me. I was just so busy at work and all, I just didn't have time to plan out the menu. Thursday when I came home from work and I started to look around for food and noticed the pickings were pretty slim. I decided to try and get through the weekend without buying groceries (Except Friday night - I took my son to "The Expendables" movie and we ate at a pub. A critic here called the movie "Dumb as Mud - but extremely enjoyable". Imagine that, a critic actually understanding that a movie can be just entertainment and not something with a deep meaning attached to it.)

Getting back to my anti-meatapalooza, this is what I lived on this weekend.

  • Lots of Bruschetta - we have a garden and we grow the tomatoes, onions, basil, garlic. It was freaking yummy. However, the equivalent of 3 loaves of Bruschetta is bad.

  • Mr. Noodles - Many, I am thinking at least 8. For those of you that do not have the Mr. Noodles brand near you. Think of the instant Raman Noodles for like 25 cents a package. Yes extremely healthy eating there - please Jamie don't hate me, but if you want you can come over and start a revolution at my house.

  • Pirate Cookies - Mr. Christie, you make good cookies. mmm... peanut butter and oatmeal

  • Beer

  • and finally - black coffee. I normally have it with milk and sugar but we were out of milk and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store.

I think the whole purpose of this article is to show that you don't have to do what is considered normal when the wife goes away for the weekend - well OK the beer wouldn't ever go away. However, the same goes for WOW. This weekend I kind of did stuff that was out of the ordinary for me as well. My son started it last week when we were doing old content. I spent a lot of time working on fishing and cooking skills and farming materials for potions and stuff. If you are in a raiding guild it may be good for the crew to take a week off to do other stuff. Remember if it starts to feel like a second job, then it is time to take a break and do something else for a bit.

I know not as funny as last week. Yes and I did put a shameless plug in for the best diner on the planet. I drove 6 hours (one way) just to have lunch there once. Oh and to buy pickles too - the sweet hots rule.

Have a good week. I can't wait to see my daughter.

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