Sunday, August 22, 2010

Counseling Required?

What a week. It has been pretty busy at work, my daughter got home from up north and threw the house into chaos and I realized when I was cutting the grass yesterday that it had been about 3 weeks since I did it last. Where is the time going? Cataclysm will be here in a few months and I am totally unprepared. Additionally, I had a couple of incidents this week that makes me ponder a trip to the "shrink". First the incidents:

Earlier in the week "The Wife" called me at work and asked me about the dinner situation. Considering what I had been eating prior to her returning home with our daughter, I had not really put much thought into it. I told her I would stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick something up. Let's just say I picked a bunch of stuff up, checked out and headed out to the car.

So here I am in the parking lot bent over putting the groceries in the car. Completing that I stood up and paused staring over the roof of my car at another couple walking through the parking lot. Not just an ordinary couple. These two were probably around when the dinosaurs walked the earth. Now I have seen old couples before but there was something weird (have you noticed that the "i" before "e" except after "c" rule totally doesn't work for the word "weird" - hmm weird) about them.

They were holding hands, smiles on their faces and they were almost skipping through the parking lot. It was almost as if you could hear the music from the Viagra commercials in the air. Then I noticed that the gentleman was carrying a produce bag. There was a SINGLE BANANA in that produce bag. WHO BUYS A SINGLE BANANA? OMG I thought. A wave of horror descended over me at the thought of what they were going to do with that banana. I had to get out of there.

So now I am at home. Still reeling from the vision of that banana, pressed to the side of the produce bag. Almost as if it was calling out to me, "save me", I shook my head and started to prepare dinner. A little bit of BBQ'ing later and I had dinner done. I started to plate it for the family. I like plating the meals, I think if I didn't get stuck in the career I have now I would have liked to be a chef. I noticed however; that the whole meal was round. I had:

  • Parisian roasted potatoes - ROUND
  • Kernel corn (as opposed to "on the cob" - OMG banana flashback) - ROUND
  • Brussel sprouts - ROUND - and hated by the whole family except me
  • and finally Sirloin medallions - ROUND
What is this? What is the meaning of the symbol of round? Does it mean I have to get on the phone with Robert again? For those of you that read my blog a couple of weeks ago, I just finished listening to the DaVinci Code audiobook.

When I look back at these situations I have to ask myself, "Do I need counseling?" Maybe I just need a bit of a lay down on the couch. I think maybe I just need to give my brain a rest. Sort of like an Al Bundy vacation. I don't go anywhere, I just set up my white picket fence around the couch and sit there for awhile.

It is going to get worse too. Cataclysm is coming out in a few months. I read daily (not trying to dis any of the other blogs) and the amount of information regarding changes is rather overwhelming. Sure if you have a main toon you can focus on what is going on with them and it is pretty easy to track. But remember, I am Alt37 and by the time Cataclysm hits I will have no less than 15 level 80's. Many of which are duel spec'd. I am pretty sure I WILL go insane.

Well that's it, I am done. My coffee cup is empty and it's time for a refill. I got my daughter farming up stairs, so I don't want to disturb her. Maybe I will go and sit in the backyard under our new canopy and watch the rain. I can start my mental vacation now.

See you next week.

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