Monday, September 30, 2013

Really Makes You Wonder

There has been a few things over the last couple of months that really make you shake your head. Now the things I list here made me say, "Really" or "WTF", they may not do the same to you. Which is fine, my brain is a scary place. Most of these things deal with driving or many peoples inability to drive.

Not that any of you would understand, especially since you don't have a Jeep, but the number of persons I see with Jeeps not participating in the Jeep wave is alarming. The problem seems to stem from the guys/gals that buy those four door Jeeps, or what I affectionately call the "Mini Van Jeep". The guys that couldn't put their foot down and get a real Jeep. To everyone planning to buy a Jeep or currently have a Mini Van Jeep, understand the culture before getting into it. Would it kill you to give a bit of a wave when you pass another Jeep.

Staying in your lane. I am sure many of you have been cut off in St. Catharines as you go south on Niagara Street and turn right onto Church Street. Kids - if you are in the curb lane you turn into the curb lane. You DON'T turn into the centre lane or for that matter the left lane. If you want to turn left eventually onto Geneva Street, make the turn from the centre lane and do a proper lane change from the centre lane to the left lane. You have those direction signals for a reason.

Speaking of left turns. Our city has recently been inundated with centre turning lanes. How many of you have been driving down the road only to have an idiot stop in your lane to make a left turn, when a perfectly good left turn lane is next to them. PLEASE PULL COMPLETELY INTO THE LEFT TURN LANE TO EXECUTE YOUR TURN - AAAAAACCCCKKKK. People should be happy I am not a traffic cop because you all would be getting tickets. The budget problem that the Region has would be erased if the cops promoted driving skills for a few days.

I was hired the other week to present a seminar to 20 school science teachers on how to be a Responsible Science Teacher - enough said. I drank a lot that night.

The Wine Festival ended this weekend with the grand parade. I haven't been to the parade in about 30 years because it isn't worth the aggravation of getting downtown to watch it.This year was different, this year my daughter was going to be in her high school junk band. They were awesome. Additionally, I got more material for todays blog.

Now a parade in every city probably brings out the city's creme of the crop when it comes to trailer trash, this past weekend was no different. The couple of ladies that were standing in front of me were no doubt involved in the making of babies for welfare business since neither of the 8 kids they had in tow looked remotely from the same fathers. That being said, all they could complain about was the spending of $50 for candied apples and other assorted, over priced junk foods. Really, those 4 year olds were twisting your arm to buy that crap. Then they started to complain about the bees - no shit - you have 8 kids, 8 open candied apples, 8 open apple juice containers and 8 bags of candy floss. You really think the bees weren't going to be bothering you!


Any ways, enough for today.

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