Thursday, August 1, 2013

The FedEx Saga - by the way don't use them.

So a couple of months ago I was preparing for my epic BBQ, planning the menu, inviting guests, and arranging the entertainment. During that time I thought to myself, "I would really like a Margaritaville Neon Sign for my bar area that could then be moved to my recreation room after the BBQ."

Ebay, I turn to thee, but being a noob I didn't select Canada, didn't refine my search to Canada and therefore, purchased a sign from California. The supplier couldn't ship to Canada, so I had a problem. This problem was solved by having the sign shipped to my friend that lives in Chicago.

He received it, opened the box and plugged it in. It worked - perfect. He re-packaged the sign and took it to FedEx to have it sent on to my address in Canada. $97.00

It arrived, unpacked, plugged in, and broken. I traced the tubing and there was a broken tube. I called the manufacturer as indicated on the box if there was a breakage and the customer service department asked for the sign to be sent back. I took it back to FedEx and I sent is back to California. $34.00 (Why was it a third of the cost to go from Toronto to California than it was to come from Chicago to Toronto?)

The manufacturer stated at this time that technically they didn't have to replace it because it did arrive in a functioning state to the address that they shipped it to, but because of the circumstances, they would allow for ONE replacement. They sent out another to my friend in Chicago. It arrived, opened and tested. Worked perfectly. He again re-packaged the sign and took it to FedEx to have it sent on to my address in Canada. $97.00 (Hmmm)

Last night I came home from work and saw the box. Didn't even have to open it up to know it wasn't going to work. It looked as if it was used as a pinata. Not sure how they could have mistaken the packaging. Printed on the box on all four sides in 5" letters - Glass, Fragile, Do Not Drop. Additonally there were no less than 10 stickers on it stating the box contained glass.

This is where it gets awesome - The call to FedEx customer service.


Said, "English"

Said, "Broken Package"

Hi, insert story here

FedEx Customer Service: I am so sorry, did you have the insurance?

Me: So, my friend paid $97 to hire you to send the package to me. Part of the agreement with your company is to deliver it to me in one piece. So you are telling me I need to pay you extra in order for you to do your job properly?

FedEx Customer Service: Stunned silence... I will send you a form

Me: Provides email address

Four hours pass no email - Repeat the above.

FedEx Customer Service: I will send you the form while I have you on the phone. It arrives

Me: Thanks

So there you have it. Going to run with this. This should be fun.

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