Monday, January 28, 2013

Say, "Yes to Bill 115!"

Here we go... Maybe with this article I will get some feedback. I am sure it will be mostly bad, but we will see. Also, my drawing skills suck although I was using Microsoft Paint, so it did turn out pretty good.

Say, "Yes to Bill 115!", to everyone except a teacher it makes perfect sense. I was in a grocery store the other day and there was a person, obviously a teacher, walking around with a scarf that stated "No to Bill 115". To be honest I don't think any of them have actually read the Bill. They have blindly followed whatever their union has commanded them to do.

Before I decided to write this I figured I would give Bill 115 a read. Up until then I was just getting bits and pieces from the news etc. This is what I have gleaned from the Bill.

  • Can Still Collective Bargain
  • Wage Freeze
  • Can't Strike

Can Still Collective Bargain

From what I can gather, teachers can still collectively bargain but they just can't ask for stupid stuff like another month off in the summer, another 18 sick days a year, or a 20% pay increase (like they do every time they try and bargain). Seems fair to me. They need to be realistic in their demands.

Wage Freeze

The Bill outlines a "wage freeze" for a period of time. Seems fair to me as well, since many people in Ontario have not received an increase is many years. Of course a teacher would say you need to join a strong union. BS. With the current economic times, ALL of us should be tightening our belts. Would I love a pay raise - absolutely, but I still want a job a year from now. Not in the unemployment line because I bled my employer dry. OH WAIT - Glorified government works who think their bosses pockets are bottomless.

Can't Strike

Basically this Bill makes teachers essential services like Police Officers, Firemen, and Medical Personnel. Why not - when they strike they cause a lot of damage to the regular folk in this province. Increased child care (i.e. Baby sitter), lost wages (If you become the baby sitter and can't get paid while sitting at home), and finally decreasing productivity at your place of employment which may hurt that business and possibly the economy.

A school teacher isn't like a GM employee going on strike and a few cars don't get built, when a school teacher goes on strike it causes grief for everyone in the province. Effecting everyone with added expenses.

Can't Strike - Hell Ya!

Next Steps

I wish we had an Education Minister in provincial politics like Ronald Reagan. Fire them all! Get people that want the job, that want to teach - not for themselves but for the kids they are trying to nurture.

Remember, I am the guy that goes around to schools and does the Health & Safety Audits - remember the article where the teacher stated - "I don't have time to be safe. Don't get paid enough to be safe. If you want me to be safe, I need more prep time." Exactly why Bill 115 is necessary - weed out the people that shouldn't be in this profession. Wait - Glorified government worker, they will milk it for all its worth.

That's all I have.

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