Friday, August 24, 2012

The Toast

A lot has happened over the last couple months. You would have read my last post about the mid-life crisis. Now I am writing to you about The Toast. There's a photo of him included. We got a new puppy. The photo of him is at about 9 weeks. Now he is about 14 weeks old and growing into his ears and feet quite nicely.

He is a pure bred German Shepherd named - Toast with raspberry jam Kallie VonBaron Goodheart. "Toast" for short (I throw the "with raspberry jam" in there just to bug my daughter).

We used to have Bear a wonderful Golden Retriever that we had for 14 years. Everyday I think our whole family misses him greatly. When he died we decided to take some time before deciding to get a new dog. A year later it felt right and we began to talk about it. We talked about another Golden - then decided it wouldn't be right. We would always be comparing him to Bear. Then we thought that maybe a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, but found the photos of them on the Internet also had too much "Bear" in them. So it was decided that a pure bred German Shepherd was the way to go.

We brought him home on July 11, 2012. We don't compare him to Bear, although the odd "Bear" slips out sometimes. I attribute that faux pas to becoming senile like my mom. We compare him to TRIPLETS. Wholly crap - a puppy is work. We couldn't think back far enough to remember if Bear was like this. He is getting a lot better though. We have been working with him and he had his first puppy training class last week. His next one is tomorrow. He is a smart cookie - err Toast.

A couple of times however he did a few things that Bear would do. I had the chill down my spine. I think he (Bear) is in there looking out for us. Things will be fine. If Bear is in there for the second time around, he learned a few things in dog heaven. He can now play fetch.

Well, I am crying now. Bear I love and miss you, Toast, I can't wait to see how you have grown when I get home. Wife - Chicago is scary shopping. All the stores - Tiffany's, Bloomingdales, The Disney Store, Gucci - my itinerary item of "get something for wife" is looking expensive. Girl - You and the boy better not be getting in trouble, The Plug - go have a shower and register for school.

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