Sunday, July 18, 2010

Emptying My Head Edition

Well it's Sunday and and I promised a couple weeks ago I was not going to let another 4 weeks go by without writing something. Problem is, I don't think I have enough on a single topic to write a complete article. So I decided to dump out all the stuff that could not be tweeted about. Damn that number of character restriction.

Ok, here we go.


In Canada on July 1 (Happy Birthday) they rolled out the dreaded HST. They said it was a good thing, it will help consumers and small businesses. Well I am a small business and I think there must be something I am missing. Anyway, not going to rant about that. Where I live in Ontario gas was about $0.97/L on June 30th. On July 1st it went up the 8% to about $1.04/L (to accommodate the HST change). However; 2 weeks later it has dropped back down to the $0.97/L.

So what I see is that prior to HST coming into effect gas should have only cost about $0.88/L? Do you think they were gouging us. hmmmmm

Education System

Apparently you don't need to know anything to become a chemistry teacher. I guess I am over-qualified. Strike that off my to-do list. Enough said about that.


Everything is better with bacon - but you knew that already.

Rough Morning

You know its going to be a rough morning when you look in the cupboard and have to decide between no coffee or instant coffee. You choose instant coffee.

Not Knowing Your Pecking Order

This one will be a little longer to put out there. Let me set it up for you. I have a daughter who is a WOW fanatic (Although those Twilight blood sacks have been eroding that lately) and she is mostly responsible for my pen name. You see, she is in charge of character creation. If I want to start another toon I tell her the race and class and she does the naming and creation. I am up to 40 toons now. Might have to update the pen name. I keep telling her to leave room for Cataclysm, I will need at least a few spots for the new races.

I have great friend and business partner that is well endowed with computing skill (I hope you didn't think I was going anywhere else with that.) and he has written a few excellent WOW mods (found here). Due to his said mod writing abilities he secured himself a Cataclysm Beta Key.

So now the story unfolds.

We are working this past Thursday and the friend says, "Why don't you bring your daughter over on Saturday and we can have a BBQ. She can play the beta for awhile." "Sounds good.", we discuss the menu and I give my daughter a call.

Ring, Ring... Ring, Ring...

"yyyyeeeessss..." I hear, "were you still sleeping", I say.

"yyyyeeeessss..." she says. "you know it is 2 in the afternoon." "yyyyeeeessss..." You see we leave the kid home alone during the summer (although my parents live next door, and her brother is still sleeping downstairs in his room until about 4:30pm in the afternoon - he raids all night - and not panties, so you see, she has some supervision if necessary).

"We are going to a BBQ on Saturday."

"No I am not.", she says, "I have a sleep over at a friends." That is on Friday I reminded her, we will be going later Saturday afternoon.

"No - why would I want to go to a BBQ. Where is it?", she queries.

"It' s at Jason's place.", I say. "Why would I want to go to scary Jason's house for a BBQ?!?", she screams.

"He has a Cataclysm Beta Key."

"WHAT TIME ARE YOU PICKING ME UP!!!!!!", she shrieks.

At that moment in time. I was not sure if I was the "coolest dad in the world", or second fiddle to the guy my daughter thought drove around in a white van handing out candy.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time. Hamburgers, roast potatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, salad, homemade chocolate ice cream (he has his own ice cream machine in case candy doesn't work), beer (almost forgot the beer). My daughter got to experience both starting areas, getting each of the new races up to level 12 in about 5 hours. LOL - I have some friends that take about 6 weeks to get one toon to level 12 let alone 2 toons (She's a pro).

As our evening concluded I was confident I was still the "coolest dad ever". At least until she asked me when I was going to get my Beta Key.

Doh! Working on that.

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