Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Weekend Prophets

First off let me apologize for not making it down to help out with the Air Cadet Santa Claus Parade float. My back was totally not happy with me this morning. I should be good to go, for tear down after the parade. That being said, you may find the following somewhat amusing.

Saturday November 30th, 2013 ~8:00am - Alarm rings (said wake up call for the parade float preparation).

I run an internal systems check:

"Whoooop, Whoooop, Whoooop, Systems Failure, Systems Failure, Back OFFLINE!!!"

I get up, grab an Ibuprofen and get back into bed. A couple of hours and I will be fine.



Dog does nothing (he's sleeping)

I go to the door and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniture sleigh and eight tiny reindeer?

Nope, two clowns that look somewhat like the above photo (but with winter coats on).

Ah yes, the Weekend Prophets

"Morning", I says.

In unison, "May we have a moment of your time?"

I tell them I can save them some trouble by just going through my check list and they can let me know if these activities are ok in their religion. Their responses are in red.

  1. Do you celebrate Christmas? - because if you don't my boss will make it an excuse for not letting me take the time off in a couple weeks. Loosing vacation would be bad. No we do not celebrate Christmas.
  2. What about birthdays? I had a milestone one a month ago and I got autographed underwear out of the deal. No we do not celebrate them.
  3. So, I treat Commandments 3 and 10 more like a guideline. You ok with that? No we wouldn't be.
  4. What about Commandment 6 - Thou shalt not kill weekend prophets when they come to your door at 9:00am on a Saturday. How are you guys with that one? They turned around and left.
The dog now wakes up (better late than never I guess).

I return to bed only to be awoken by the girl asking if I can go get the boy. They want to work on their uniforms prior to the parade. I think there is a diabolical plan being executed here. I can't catch a break.

Well I am up, oatmeal pancakes in our bellys and coffee in my hand. See everyone at the parade in a few hours.


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