Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 2 4

Yes it has been a while since my last post. It's been busy with work and home life. To be honest some of the things that have happened since my last blog were just not blog worthy. But today I have a couple of items that I think will make you smile.

First off, does anyone other than me get pyjamas from their moms at Christmas time? Well my mom got me a pair of fleece pyjama pants. Just the pants, I am sure if there was a matching top it would be either a fashion police violation, or you would simply spontaneously combust while sleeping. Any way - I noticed that these pants are official Pillsbury Fanware. Yes, I am wearing pyjama pants with Pillsbury doughboys all over them. /facepalm

My second item was a text I got late this past Friday night. It was from my buddy's (I will call him Bob) girlfriend. You see "Bob" is Canadian and he was transferred to the USA for his work and has moved on from there. But from time to time "Bob" gets into these predicaments where he has to explain something Canadian. In this case the text was a question regarding May 2 4.

I explained to her that May 2 4 was usually around the third weekend in May when all loyalist Canadians celebrate the queens birthday. Or what really happens, we have a long weekend and BBQ, totally oblivious to the fact that the queen had a birthday all together. Usually during this weekend there is the consumption of a 2 4 as well.

Her next text was, "What is a 2 4?" Well a 2 4 in Canada is a 24 bottle case of beer. We shorten it to a 2 4.

"But why a 2 4?" Now I am not sure what the standard size case of beer is in the USA, but if you have a 24 bottle size, isn't it just easier to say - 2 4? Maybe we are just better at short forms than they are.

The reason we predominantly have the 2 4 in Canada, however; is that our beer cases have been scientifically designed to maximize the stacking of cases on our dog sleds.

I got the text, "Thanks".

WOW Stuff

"Cataclysm instances are hard!!" You may remember the rant Blizzards' Ghostcrawler had regarding all the QQ'ing over instances. Well, I usually take the time when I do instances to go through them a couple of times on my DPS toons, then graduate to running them with my healers, then once I have some gear saved up I will run them, usually in regular mode, on my tanks. This gives me ample opportunity to learn the instances from all perspectives.

Today however, I went into a regular instance (Stonecore) and all of the toons were level 83 except the tank, he/she was level 85. I was on my level 83 warlock. We wiped on the first pull of trash 3 times. Now there was the, "I wasn't ready excuse." from a few people. The second time it was, "My mom was talking to me." But the third wipe was attributed to the fact the tank just didn't know what he was doing.

Now you are thinking - did a dps'rs pull aggro? No, I wait at least a 2 count and he was well out front according to Omen. Our dps wasn't split - at least mine wasn't, I use a macro to assist the tank. Oh wait, that's it. He kept grabbing 3 groups at a time because he thought that just because he was an 85 in a level 83ish instance he was invincible. I guess he couldn't handle getting smacked in the face by 12 mobs all at once.

Felt sorry for the healer, because according to the tank, it was all his fault, just as the tank quit group. Ugh.

Have a good week.

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